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By registering you, you commit yourselves complying with all the rules misent in strengths on this forum.
The reading of this payment is obligatory even if it is long!
If you do not respect them, you expose yourselves to SANCTIONS.


# Any matter in matter violent, sexist, sexual, racist, xenophobe, homophobes… bearing reached with the dignity of a person are formally prohibited, whether it is Administrateur, Modérateur, Membre or Guest of the forum.
If not you will be immediately sanctioned by a warning and/or a banishment for obstacle with the payment.

# the SMS Language is Toléré in the Cat Box but less in the subject avoid the SMS language so that your message are comprehensible.

# Any argument or different on the forum with regulated By Mp or msn, skype or other thank you if not you will undergo the consequence of the rule.

# Flood is not Toléré in all the subject want posted in the Flood zone for floodé and not in the subject T it only music or other.

# Publicities for other Forum or for the Partnership want posted thank you in the Zone ADVERTIZING.


# Your Pseudo should not comprise too much “strasse” nor to be pseudo with extension!
(example:: “labellegossedu48751~*<3”… etc)

# Please fill your Profile too.

# Your misadventure should not exceed 480*320 & your signature 500*200 by question of aestheticism.

# If your kit exceeds these measurements, an Administrator this will give the responsability to replace it by a misadventure of the gallery of the site.
without preliminary opinions, and a warning will put to you.

# No image in matter aggressive or pornographic is authorized. If we see some will remove ourselves your kit and you will be sanctioned.

# to reach the whole of the forum you are obliged to present to you. It is afterwards and only after you will be placed in one of the two possible groups:
“Addict-Azn”, “Fan Korean” or “Fan Japanesse”.

# If you do not have an idea with regard to your presentation you can use the form at your disposal:
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